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  • Wave Sludge Hydroextractor

    Product Introduction

    By utilizing a unique self-cleaning filter slit principle, this environmentally friendly, vibration-free, and noiseless solid-liquid separation device can be adjusted according to different applications and processing targets to maximize its effectiveness. It can concentrate solids with a concentration ranging from 0.5% to 1% up to 3% to 10%, thereby enhancing the processing capacity of the downstream dewatering machine.

    Application Range

    School food waste treatment, aquaculture and livestock manure treatment, wastewater treatment pre-processing for food dehydration, and oil sludge solid-liquid separation.

    Product Features

    No consumables
    and easy maintenance

    The entire machine does not require any consumables, and due to its simple structure, maintenance is relatively easy.

    conveying capacity

    Through the rotation of the elliptical disc, it automatically conveys the separated solids.


    Continuous rotation of the elliptical discs is implemented between the gaps to prevent clogging.

    Dewatering Technology Principle

    The slowly moving elliptical discs transport the material to be processed to the separation zone through rotation. By continuously rotating the discs, solids are scraped up and squeezed downward to discharge the waste liquid. It is not prone to clogging, does not require consumables for the filtration process, and can concentrate solids with a concentration ranging from 0.5% to 1% up to 3% to 10%.

    The elliptical disc can continuously convey high-capacity waste material, operates quietly, and is vibration-free.

    Liquid with suspended solids and thick sludge can be dewatered, resulting in separated liquid after the dewatering process.

    Model Specifications


    Tai Ho Environmental