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    Marine Environmental Testing Services

    We provide testing services for plastic microplastics content and characteristics in water bodies such as rivers, aquaculture ponds, lakes, and seas.
    We aim to recover plastic particles and artificial microbeads from the ocean, utilize innovative zero-waste filtration technology, and address plastic pollution while reducing harm to organisms and the environment. Micro-PC offers services for the removal of marine plastic microplastics, recycling, and environmental water quality testing. Some actual cases include the "Ocean Water Quality and Microplastics Testing Project" by the Hsinchu City Ocean Affairs Council and the "Microplastics Testing Project at Yong'an Fishing Port, Shezizi River" by the Taoyuan City Government Coast Management Commission.

    Collection and Inspection of Plastic Microplastics

    The machine is designed to withstand the ocean's currents and corrosion, taking into account the volume and weight of the material. It can be stationed at a specific location or travel with a vessel, collecting plastic microplastics in a manner that does not harm marine organisms. The design of the inlet prevents small fish and shrimp from entering, following the principle of non-interference with the existing ecosystem.

    Customization of Smart Unmanned Vessel and System

    A solution that utilizes an unmanned vessel for sampling and water quality testing. With the core technology of a "multifunctional vehicle automatic control system," the sampling process is automated, and an environmental water pollution distribution map is created.

    Qualitative and Quantitative Testing

    The water samples are filtered and inspected using a Micro-FTIR (Micro Fourier Transform Infrared) spectrometer, with the spectra compared to a database. The water samples are also filtered and counted under a fluorescence microscope.
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    Rapid Localization in Large Field Areas

    An automated positioning system is used for reservoirs and lakes to conduct unmanned vessel water quality testing and automated sampling. With the unmanned vehicle control system, a distribution map of water pollution can be generated.
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    Marine Environmental Education Resources

    Micro-PC recognizes the importance of marine and environmental education. Through marine education workshops, teaching materials, curated activities, and more, people of all ages can gain an understanding of the hazards of plastic microplastics to the environment.

    Marine Environmental Education Workshops

    Marine Environmental Teaching Materials

    Exhibitions on Marine Waste Issues

    Wastewater Solid-Liquid Separation Treatment

    Micro-PC provides environmentally friendly, consumable-free, and energy-efficient wastewater treatment services.
    In the process of environmental testing and plastic microplastic collection, we understand that simply treating the downstream filtration is not enough. Therefore, we offer environmentally friendly equipment and solutions that are consumable-free and energy-efficient to help various industries address their wastewater discharge issues.

    Wave-Type Sludge Dewatering Equipment

    By utilizing a unique self-cleaning filter slit principle, we achieve an environmentally friendly, vibration-free, and noiseless solid-liquid separation device. The gap width can be adjusted according to different applications and treatment targets, maximizing its effectiveness. It can concentrate solids content from 0.5%-1% to 3%-10%, improving the processing capacity of the subsequent dewatering equipment.
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    Stacked Spiral Sludge Dewatering Equipment

    Introducing Japanese technology, we have launched a new generation of sludge dewatering equipment that is "filter cloth-free, clog-free, wear-resistant, and energy-efficient," ensuring safe and simple operation. It can directly treat sludge from the aeration tank or sedimentation tank, eliminating the need for sludge thickening or storage tanks and saving space.
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